CEO: James Boskovic Lead Investor: Marlon Nichols Danny Brown

BANQloop Inc., is a rapidly growing Enterprise Software-as-a-Solution, closed loop data company. Our proprietary platform powers up the closed loop economy for governments, businesses and humans.

Our platform sits at the intersection of business intelligence, IoT and machine learning. Imagine the reconfiguration of existing waste trucks and receptacles to support automatic scanning, sorting, compacting and sale materials!By enabling the seamless integration of AI, Robotics and other hardware, our platform helps our clients to:

  • capture data on all things consumed & disposed;
  • measure and report carbon offsets far more accurately;
  • monetize commodities and granular data for a better world;
  • and, sell diverted commodities back into the marketplace—in real-time!

In addition, our platform and related services will allow companies and communities to reach ESG targets set by local, federal and global agencies faster by securing, simplifying and expediting transaction processes. All while saving waste management companies and municipalities money; creating carbon credits and adding new revenue centers.

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