Our Services

We provide hands-on support crucial for building and scaling category-leading companies, including operations strategy, brand building, recruiting, and mission-critical introductions.

Our Services

Operational Excellence

We understand what it is like to build a company from the ground up and even lay the ground itself.  Our team has been there. We offer our combined experience to serve as a resource so as a founder,  you don’t need to expend precious time reinventing the wheel. With diversified skills in management, finance, operations, recruiting, culture, and much more, we are here to provide support to scale the company efficiently and effectively.

Public Policy Strategy & Government Relations

A 15-year history in politics has afforded us unique access and relationships to key decision makers in federal, state and local government. Equipped with extensive policy making experience and a sound understanding of how municipalities function, we help companies navigate complex regulatory environments.

Cultural Trend/ Behavioral Trend Research

Cultural shifts are ever changing and move at the speed of light. Our cultural trend research gives our portfolio companies real time access to consumer behavior and trends that affect culture.

Communications, Marketing, Branding

Every brand has a story to tell and if the company doesn’t control the narrative, someone else is usually controlling it for them. Our team of experienced film and television executives, creative directors  and marketers have worked at developing concepts and experiences with top  Hollywood studios and networks, accomplished production companies,  startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Business Development

At MaC Venture Capital we partner our portfolio companies and founders with other companies with similar goals and values. Our network of corporate relationships serves as a playground for young companies looking to gain traction in the marketplace.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy

Over the last eight years our team has built a reputation for understanding social and developing global audiences for some of the largest influencers in the world. Producing and distributing content through a complex digital environment requires a deep understanding of how each platform works. Establishing an authentic voice and point of view is key to winning over potential customers.

Influencer Network

Our network of influencers spans across a network of musicians, athletes, digital-native talent, actors, talk show hosts, and others that move the needle in a major way. Although we firmly believe that product is the key to success, having influencers associated with a great product can often accelerate growth and create stickiness around a brand. Our influencers network has served as value added investors to several multi-billion dollar startups.