Good Money

CEO: Gunnar Lovelace Lead Investor: Marlon Nichols

Good Money was created to consumerize cryptocurrency and turn it into a viable global competitor to fiat. Today’s consumers are apprehensive to buy into cryptocurrency because they do not fully understand how it works and are therefore afraid to bear the risks associated with buying, trading, and spending. Furthermore, there are no holistic, app-based solutions that allow customers to buy, store, exchange, and use their cryptocurrency in the same way they would with ordinary fiat. Good Money aims to bridge these gaps by offering a full service app that offers consumers a central banking solution to manage all of their currencies. Main features of the platform include: • Mass-market peer-to-peer wallet feature • Exchange functionality • Stablecoin, a 1:1 fiat-to-crypto collateralization • Peer-to-peer ecosystem • Spendability that allows users to transact using crypto anywhere • No-fee basic banking services • Powerful incentives that drive customer adoption and habit formation at scale

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