CEO: John Kamara Lead Investor: Marlon Nichols

AfyaRekod is a digital health data platform that focuses on the patient and allows health facilities to capture, store, have real-time access and mobility of the patients health data. Developed as a patient driven platform, the patient maintains the sovereign right of ownership to their health data. Using AI and various blockchain modules, AfyaRekod allows health institutions, partners and patients to make insightful data driven decisions that allows doctors to provide better healthcare for patients.

The company is based in Nairobi Kenya, with operations in Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa. It was founded in 2019 and launched their product in May 2020 to help Governments with the fight against the COVID_19 pandemic.

Afya Rekod’s mission is to bridge the gap between health care and treatment for health care facilities and institutions to access and assist their patients anywhere, anytime through tools and resources accessible on the platform.

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