CEO: Daniel Sokolovsky  Lead Investor: Michael Palank Zhenni Liu

WARP uses proprietary software to weave together a network of carriers and cross-docks to dynamically optimize middle-mile routes through a single, interconnected platform. WARP optimizes the middle-mile for shippers by utilizing all strategies available and provides the insight to determine which works best and in what scenarios. Warp provides this level of control with a tech-connected network of cross-docks and carriers with sprinter vans, box trucks, and 53 footers that perform direct store deliveries, warehouse to warehouse transfers, and direct carrier injections into last mile providers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and OnTrac. Warp enables retailers to achieve time and money-saving optimization to succeed in the competitive landscape of retail and e-commerce across all pieces of their middle-mile supply chain.

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