Spora Health

CEO: Dan Miller Lead Investor: Adrian Fenty
Spora Health is a primary care practice uniquely designed for people of color. Spora’s vision is to create a fresh perspective on healthcare – they call this new vision Culture Centered Care.  They provide access to their healthcare providers virtually through their app, and in-person through affiliated bricks and mortar practices.  Through creating an equitable community of providers and services that acknowledge and incorporate the lived experiences of racialized people, they aim to address health inequities and disparities experienced by people of color.

Providers in their network are trained to recognize these inequities and are therefore able to treat patients with empathy, clear information, and medical recommendations that are cognizant of their background and needs. Healthcare is not equitable—
 and that needs to change. Spora Health is the space where radically inclusive healthcare happens.

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Spora Health Launches Employee Healthcare Benefit Program to Improve Outcomes for People of Color


Spora Health Raises $3 Million Seed Plus Funding Round Led by Refactor Capital, M13, and MaC Venture Capital, Appoints Dr. Louis Capponi as Chief Medical Officer


This startup is training doctors to deliver better care for people of color


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