CEO: Charles D. King Lead Investor: Marlon Nichols

Named one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Hollywood, Macro creates and finances film, television, digital content, technologies, and brands that are driven by people of color and encompass universal themes to which all people can relate and connect. Their mission is to shape culture and economically empower people of color on a global level by introducing new images, ideas, and paradigms that reflect the dynamic world in which we live. Charles D. King is CEO and Founder of Macro, a leading media brand representing the voice and perspectives of people of color. King is a visionary leader, long recognized for his keen eye for talent, strategic deal-making and his long-horizon thinking. As of CEO of Macro, founded in January 2015, King overseas the company’s focus on creating, developing and financing film, television, digital content, technologies, and brands driven by people of color that encompass universal themes to which all people can connect and relate. Macro has emerged as an innovative and progressive company set on changing the way business is done. Projects include Fences, which starred Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, Mudbound directed by Dee Rees; Roman J. Israel, Esq. starring Denzel Washington, Sorry to Bother You by Boots Riley, and a host of other Film and TV titles. Since its inception, Macro’s projects have received nine Oscar nominations. The Macro Digital Studio creates premium cinematic experiences and utilizes emerging platforms to engage millennial audiences where they are. The Studio has produced four series, including Gente-Fied, which premiered in the 2017 Sundance Episodic Lab and sold after a six-network bidding war; and Leimert Park, which premiered at Sundance 2018.

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Macro Announces $90 Million Minority Investment Led By BlackRock Alternatives.


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