CEO: Dave Feldman Lead Investor: Adrian Fenty Michael Palank

Nine out of ten attendees agree: this meeting sucks. And why are there ten people here, anyway? With Miter, meetings are productive and deliver meaningful outcomes. Plus, better meetings equals fewer meetings and more getting stuff done.

For most of us, meetings are a necessary evil, an inescapable distraction from actually getting work done. At Miter, we think that’s crazy—and unnecessary. Meetings should be part of getting the work done. They can be energizing and constructive. With clear outcomes. And donuts. Or at least donut emojis.

Miter is a pre-seed company building a product that guides you to better meetings. We work in concert with the tools you already use, like Zoom and Google Calendar. We combine research on what makes meetings work, behavioral science, and superb user experience to produce meeting magic. Our founding team is industry veterans with past founder experience and leadership roles at Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo.

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