CEO: Lanre Ogungbe Lead Investor: Michael Palank Zhenni Liu

Identitypass is trusted by some of the biggest and fastest-growing technology companies from multiple industries in Africa and completes millions of verification monthly. We help verify users and businesses across all African countries. We can verify using national IDs, international passports, Drivers, Taxes, Credit History, Criminal, Education records and a lot more. You can integrate to Identitypass using either APIs, SDKs, Modals, or use the SAAS solution directly. At the core of Identitypass is being able to help thousands of businesses to be sure that their users are actually who they say they are and also help them meet local regulations

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Identity Verification API Eases Fraud Concerns in Africa’s Digital Space


Identitypass, an identity verification API for Africa, raises $2.8M seed funding


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