Our diverse backgrounds in technology, business, government, entertainment, and finance allow us to accelerate entrepreneurs on the verge of their breakthrough moment.

The MaC Team

Marlon Nichols Read More

Marlon Nichols

Managing General Partner

Founding managing partner looking to find entrepreneurs who are building the future for the rest of America.

Adrian Fenty Read More

Adrian Fenty

Managing General Partner

Founding managing partner, former Washington, D.C. Mayor and A16Z advisor looking for exceptional technical founders building category-defining companies.

Michael Palank Read More

Michael Palank

General Partner

Seasoned operator helping entrepreneurs develop and grow businesses.

Charles D. King Read More

Charles D. King

General Partner

Has been at the forefront of innovative deal-making in media and entertainment for more than 15 years.

Zhenni Liu Read More

Zhenni Liu


Combining venture and entrepreneurship with management consulting and operating experience to invest in and partner with companies that will shape culture and change the world as we know it today.

Danny Brown Read More

Danny Brown


Leveraging unique investment positions at the intersection of tech, music, media, and various other industries

Haley Farnsworth Read More

Haley Farnsworth


Optimizing the balance of ingenuity with data-driven decisions to invest in revolutionary ideas and create meaningful partnerships.

Dela Adedze Read More

Dela Adedze

Operations Analyst

Supporting founders who seek to expand their enterprises and create lasting, meaningful impact.

Nicole Jones Read More

Nicole Jones

Executive in Residence

Significant track record of achievement in business transformation/development, operations and strategy.

Ken Aseme Read More

Ken Aseme

Chief Financial Officer

Seasoned financial services
professional and qualified
accountant with vast experience
working in senior finance roles