BlocPower’s mission is to analyze, finance, and install energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in buildings in low-income communities. Working closely with community leaders and institutions, BlocPower gathers 4 or more small- and medium-sized enterprises (such as non-profits, houses of worship, schools, and multi-family residences) in financially underserved communities into a “Bloc.” These “Blocs” reduce risks, create pricing discounts, and increase transactional size — improving the economic feasibility of projects. BlocPower’s web interface allows users to input temperature, pressure, humidity, and utility data from each building and recommends financing and smart or renewable energy system upgrades for old, inefficient energy systems. Their cloud-based machine learning platform also connects to thermostats and building control systems to analyze optimal performance in real-time. This service is not only valuable to building owners (who can decrease their energy costs by as much as 50%), but also to utilities looking for data to help manage supply and demand. It also helps government and city officials looking to reduce emissions and reach their renewable energy goals